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Our purpose is to do meaningful work
and positively affect humanity.




We're a multidisciplinary team of thinkers, makers and doers who thrive on turning problems into opportunities. We are out there on the edge with you, using our knowledge, hearts and experience to help you discover new forms of value and impact. 

Meet the team

Caitlin Preyser

"It's an incredible feeling to work with people who are motivated to create meaningful experiences for others, it inspires me to always consider the impact of my design decisions."

Cam Incoll

"Huddle means we get the opportunity to do something meaningful and impactful with our clients. That's why we created it."

Cyndi Dawes

"It feels like I've come home. Huddle people work hard to create a culture of joy, purpose and possibility. Every day is a new adventure."

John Burgin

“It is rare to find a company with a decade of experience in bringing design methods to human-centred transformation programs.”

Katie Fabel

"Huddle is a supportive playground for learning, where you can test meaningful ideas and bring them to life. I love working with the mindset that anything can be implemented if you make it happen."

Karina Northover

"Being a part of Huddle has shown me the power of meaningful design with people and taught me the importance of being a thoughtful designer."

Kim Shore

"I love learning by doing, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams and working on social innovation challenges that inspire me about a positive future."

Melis Senova

"We are the artist and the art. We get to choose how we paint this life we live and how that then transforms who we are."

Nola Watson

"I've been with Huddle since it was founded and it is a place I can use my design talent for our clients and our brand."

Steph Mellor

"I'll be in Human-Centred Design until human beings are no longer fascinating, emotional, complex and unpredictable."

Want to work with us?

Here's the good news. We generally don't hire for specifically defined roles at Huddle—we prefer to hire people and then shape the role around their capabilities and potential. We're always on the lookout for individuals who are just as passionate about doing meaningful, human-centred design work as the rest of us. Is that you?


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Huddle acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the true custodians of the land in which we live and work.

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We're super flattered you'd like to work with us. Whilst we're always on the lookout for people to collaborate with, we currently don't have any specific positions available.

Leave us your details and some information about yourself, and we'll get in touch as soon as an opportunity to work together pops up!