Empowering ING employees and their work through a better migration experience for Workplace Services


ING Workplace Services enlisted Huddle’s expertise to improve the experience of their next big technological migration and to ensure employees felt empowered and supported in their work.



Desired outcomes

Building capability

Employee experience

New value creation


  • ING wanted to improve technological migration experience creating confidence and trust within employees.
  • Huddle was asked to explore a human-centred approach and how it could improve the end-user experience, building trust throughout the business.
  • Huddle worked with the Workplace Services core team to understand the needs of end-users, and visualised the ecosystem of a migration as a series of journeys.
  • Findings revealed the critical need to adjust their current approach to ensure user needs were met.
  • This engagement has been an impetus in creating new partnerships and trust between Workplace Services and the business domain.
Tools used
  • Ecosystem map: a visualisation of all the parts and people at play in the system. Especially useful when a complex problem has many different touchpoints (such as a digital migration), some of which may unknowingly be affecting different areas of the system.
  • Design and Agile principles: to cope with complexity and the implementation of new ways of working. The principles developed supported the team to adopt a learning system approach and deliver on-going value.


As a global company competing in the 21st century, ING needed to transition technical infrastructure and employee Workplace Services to a shared platform that would enable a confident and productive workforce. To realise this ambition, ING employees must migrate their device to the new global standard. After a rather high impact email migration, employee confidence and trust in technology was low. 

The challenge—to create an improved migration experience that would build confidence and trust within the employees and throughout the business.


Materials and processes were already in place, however, the business was still experiencing downtime and disruptions from the previous migration. Throughout the business, confidence in the technical abilities of Workplace Services was low. Huddle was asked to explore how a human-centred approach could improve the end-user experience of migrations, while also building trust throughout the business. 

Huddle worked with the Workplace Services core team, conducting user research and workshops to understand the needs of end-users and the migration systems in place throughout each business domain. We synthesised the insights to a series of design statements that captured user needs to guide the core team forward. We then visualised the ecosystem of a migration as a series of journeys connected by critical links.

What we discovered through research

From our work together, we realised the key role leadership needed to play to mediate requests by higher management and the area's/team’s ability to deliver.

Creation of open minded context to share doubts and successes was vital across this digital migration as the team committed to evolving into a new way of working.

Connection to vision, purpose and outcomes of the transition to bring people along the journey and respecting different learning styles and timeframes was crucial to ensure people felt competent and confident in the changes.


Our findings revealed the consequence of continuing as planned, and the critical need to adjust the approach to ensure user needs were met. We also demonstrated how systems readiness can build confidence throughout the business.

Huddle led the core team through a human-centred design process involving the business, to understand the patterns in the development and testing of user services. This strengthened confidence in the Workplace Services department and built trust throughout the business. The success of our collaboration is exemplified by the positive user experiences posted on internal social media and the pride embodied by core team members.

The engagement has catalysed a new partnership and trust between Workplace Services and the business domains, and built curiosity and interest in human-centricity throughout the Workplace Services Department.

"You are the first one in 25 years to change the way I think and work." 

—Ronald Capel, ING Workplace Services

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