Victorian Government

Customer Experience


Creating a positive digital experience for customers of the Victorian Government.




Desired outcomes

Building capability

New value creation

  • The Digital Engagement team of the Victorian Government wanted to improve the customer experience through digital channels.
  • They also wanted to enhance collaboration across departments and with customers.
  • Huddle ran customer and organisational research.
  • A service design toolkit was created.
  • Collaboration increased and a common language was developed around customer-centred service delivery.
Tools used

Based on the desired outcomes of new value creation and capability building, we focused on design techniques that harnessed creativity and gave a holistic understanding of the customer experience. These included:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Iterative prototyping
  • Organisational interviews
  • Generative workshops


Digital transformation is a commonly used term nowadays. It is expected that any form of digital interaction works intuitively and seamlessly. Creating this kind of smooth experience for customers requires a great deal of thought and understanding of how and why customers use particular products and services. This is intensified and made more complex for government departments. They cater to a vast range of customers with varying levels of knowledge and accessibility. 


This was highlighted in the ICT and Digital Strategy released by the Victorian Government in 2014. Its aim: to improve the customer experience through the use of digital channels first. 


In order to achieve the goals in this strategy, the Digital Engagement team hired Huddle to help them better understand their customers and introduce a more customer-centred approach to their information and service design. The team wanted to deliberately differentiate their service experience while creating operational efficiency. AKA Create more for less.

They also wanted to drive promotion of enhanced collaboration between departments and with customers.



Huddle ran both customer and organisational research phases. We worked closely with Victorian Government stakeholders to gather both customer and organisational insights to build a service design toolkit. 


The Digital Engagement team experienced how human-centred design is used to deepen their understanding of Victorians’ needs and behaviours. This gave them key insights into how the design and delivery of information and services needed to be improved. 

Coupled with this, collaboration amongst stakeholders in government departments increased with the common goal of applying service design tools to enable greater customer-centricity in the future. 

The Digital Engagement team now has an understanding of how they can create more positive experiences for their customers, the tools they need to start this process and a common language with which to talk about customer-centred service delivery.

"...Not only have you delivered a great piece of research... you have helped start pushing the change in hearts and minds." 

—Victorian Government 

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