HCD 101 

Build your skills in human-centred design with this short, impactful, hands-on introduction. Learn how and why HCD works (beyond the buzzwords) and practically apply the design process to a customer experience challenge.  

Who is this for?  

This is an excellent introduction if you’re new to human-centred design and curious to learn more. You may have heard colleagues or teammates talking about HCD at work or know someone who is using it in their organisation. Whatever the reason, it’s on your radar and you’re ready to build new skills.  

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What will you learn?

What is HCD?

Learn the background and intention of human-centred design. See how it fits within the work you do.

Discover how to approach problems and challenges with the right mindset and design principles.

Gain an understanding of the double diamond design process

Build empathy

Activate your empathy for commercial, community and cultural gain.

Increase awareness of the various listening channels and what it really means to listen without judgement.

Learn how to manage your biases and bring more of yourself to better understand and serve your customers.

Design challenge

Practice your HCD knowledge with a team-based, end-to-end design challenge. 

Gain insights into the needs, values and motivations of your customer through open-ended research questions

Reframe insights into 'how might we' questions to ideate, test and iterate solutions. It's fun!

Meet your facilitator


Cam Incoll

Founder and Managing Director @ Huddle
Learn more about Cam here.

Course details 


Duration: 3 hours 

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Pricing depends on the size of your team for a
private session, as it may affect the number of facilitators needed.



What's provided: Worksheets, all materials and snacks

What to bring: Yourself, curiosity and a good amount of energy

Future Courses

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Get active

Human-centred design is a team sport and it’s fun to play. HCD101 will get you straight into it. There’s a bit of theory and a lot of doing. We activate your design skills with a design challenge that will take you through the end to end HCD process.

"Huddle Academy opened my mind to a new way of working...a new way of thinking, planning, and solving problems. I learnt about the importance of mindset, and about tacking problems rather than jumping to solutions. It has introduced me to a whole new way of life that can easily be applied to the work that we do."


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