Unlock the power of people with human-centred design training

Huddle Academy specialises in human-centred design capability building for established and emerging leaders.   

We equip and support change-makers to confidently adopt and apply human-centricity and design to make a lasting impact in their work and the world.




We offer short, intensive courses and bespoke programs to support you in adopting human-centred ways of working. 

Our programs are creative, energising and practical. You’ll discover how to unlock the power of human-centred design in yourself and lead by example in your organisation.


Our existing Academy programs & courses

HCD101 is a three-hour intensive introduction to human-centred design, where you'll learn its core principles by undertaking a fast-paced and fun design challenge. Learn to build empathy, listen with intent and embrace uncertainty as a means of creating innovative solutions that last.

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This three-day live program will teach you how to creatively problem solve for the people you're in service with. Learn to adopt potent mindsets, build empathy and get to the heart of any problem. Experience a collaborative, hands-on design challenge; research, synthesise, prototype and present.

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A two-day program to learn the key attributes of effective facilitation. Discover how to bring your best self by adopting human-centred mindsets to support you in running more engaging, creative and outcome-based meetings, group sessions, sprints and workshops.

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New courses coming soon!

We've been having some fascinating conversations with our clients and the wider design community around the uncertainty and disorder we are all feeling in the world today. The importance of understanding how to embrace this space is more relevant than ever. 

We have been creating dialogue and developing courses to navigate this space and are super excited to be launching these to the world. We'll guide you to harness change, transform your team, and build the next generation of organisations.

Leading and Designing through VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)

How to manage resistance when adopting human-centred ways of working

Read this article on sharing the story of design in the meantime.

The power of collaboration: connecting human-centred design, agile and lean ways of working

Stay tuned for more details... 

Our programs are experiential learning workshops that focus on applying the mindset of human-centred design to leadership, ways of working and the tools for navigating change.

Our intention is to enable people to embody the principles of human-centred design and confidently lead in their organisation.

The Huddle Academy Model

Raise awareness

At both the leadership and team level, our introductory courses help raise awareness of the benefits of adopting a human-centred practice, and the changes required to achieve lasting results. Their practical application is built into every course. 

Build capability

Our more advanced programs are designed to position HCD as a strategic advantage in your organisation. Building and supporting practitioner capability by changing leadership mindsets and behaviours is absolutely fundamental to achieving real impact. 

Apply at scale

Centralised design team? Distributed capability across the organisation? Our design maturity model helps organisations adapt and evolve as they build understanding and capability to be human-centred.

We can also support you on project


Sometimes you just need a bit of support through the tough and unexpected challenges of a design project. Knowing you can pick up the phone or arrange a 1:1 meeting can be a lifesaver when starting out or dealing with new complex challenges. Our mentors are experienced and selected based on their ability to build trust and confidence with you as a you navigate your design projects.

They'll assist you with strategy, perspective, accountability and practical advice.

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Build capability within your organisation 


We design and run bespoke programs for teams and organisations all the time. We learn about your culture and the outcomes you're seeking then build a program that fits.

Let's talk possibilities.

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"The change in my mindset has been huge. I'm now challenging assumptions in and outside of work. I've started to use the tools and processes. The key take home for me was how changing your mindset makes an immediate impact on what you are doing and how you interact with others. It's about remaining open to learning and growing."

Past participant
Program Lead—Human Resources

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