What's in a name?

courses Jun 25, 2019


Our three day live course has undergone a name change, and it’s not just for show. With 5 years under it’s belt, Designing for People has evolved and adapted to the ever-changing environment of the community, design and business landscape. At Huddle, we take the stance of being in service with people, this means a few things to us…

Firstly, it means everyone can be a designer. Designing with a wide range of people with different roles, backgrounds and values, enables the holistic approach to research and problem solving we seek.

Secondly, it means everyone has the opportunity to share their whole selves in the design process. Getting to the core of a problem requires us to be vulnerable and curious with each other.

And finally, it means reaching a solution to our problem that both fulfils and satisfies everyone involved, from project team members to stakeholders and customers.

Upon reviewing our live course, we have seen the importance of reflecting these values in the name. Presenting...

—Karina Northover, Huddle


Curious to learn more about our Designing with People course? You can learn more and book your place here—www.wearehuddle.com/DWP



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