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Designing Meaningful Strategy

How to design and communicate meaningful strategy for impact. 

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The challenge with designing strategy is that it's often hard to reach agreement. 


Most organisations have experienced trouble getting team agreement in the approach. 

Sometimes the challenge is getting the alignment of leadership in a common strategic direction. 

Other times, people in the team don't understand their role in the strategy and feel disengaged.

Huddle Thinking creates a powerful connection to purpose by taking a human-centred and design-led approach to forming and communicating strategy. 


The magic is simplicity.
The power is using it. 

Your facilitator  

Cam Incoll

Cam has been facilitating for over 20 years and is regarded as a compelling, engaging and entertaining facilitator; from executive level to project teams.

Cam excels at bridging the gaps between technology & business, business & design, organisation & customer. He has a reputation for building productive working relationships across executive leadership teams and staff. This provides him the scaffolding to drive change within organisations with a natural focus on human centricity and transformation. 

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In this course, I'll be stepping you through the framework so you understand these key parts. You'll learn:

How people think and what to do about it.
How to align people in a strategic direction
Why the magic of stance unlocks strategy
Why intention matters and how it brings clarity
You'll also get access to worksheets to help you start using the Huddle Thinking in your work.
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Use Huddle Thinking to align CEO leadership teams, senior leadership, project teams, collectives. 

We created Huddle Thinking in 2010 and have used this with all levels of leadership and teams.
Here are some examples:  
ING used Huddle Thinking to design a new organisation for Global IT Infrastructure, including purpose, values, culture and strategic priorities.
Monash Health - Refugee Health - Gathering the leadership team around a uniting strategy and vision for Refugee Health in the City of Monash. 
Central Bank of Aruba - Post COVID recovery strategy for the Central Bank, including a new visionary purpose and engagement of the leadership team.
VicGov - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development - Team purpose, mission and vision of success, with agreed approach and plan to achieve. 

We're also building detailed modules on using Huddle Thinking to: 

How to reach agreement around the strategic approach
How to form a compelling vision that inspires
How to communicate to engage hearts and minds 
How meaningful measures can be identified
Set up and measure impact with meaningful measures

Form inspiring strategy using Huddle Thinking workshops
Ensure delivery of outputs make a difference 
How to engage and inspire with relevant comms
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