Dr. Melis Senova: the Hidden Commitments of human-centric leadership @ Chief Customer Officer Conference, Sydney.





22-23 October 2019 — Sydney

There are some commitments we make when we make a call or a stand for something. And when it is something that is meaningful and real, often human centric things have these qualities, there are many other responsibilities that come with this kind of commitment.

To shift any established thing, whether it is a person’s habits, or an organisation’s culture, it always pays to look inside first. To ask the questions, what must first change within me, so on the outside of me things can also change?

In an organisational context, as leaders, intending to be customer centric and putting in customer centricity program and cultural transformation initiatives is not enough. And ineffectual if the leadership is not aware or willing to do the work personally.

Find out more about Melis' talk on the Hidden Commitments of Leading with Human-centricity.

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