Why design for people?

Our three day capability building program focuses on adopting human-centred mindsets. Human-centred mindsets enable you to see things from many different perspectives, be open, and believe that anything is possible.

This is important as customer expectations are continually increasing and constantly changing, demanding more personalised and customised services.

To truly understand customers’ needs and how they experience your services or products you need to start by asking powerful questions and building empathy for them to understand their context.

Our approach to capability building.

Huddle Academy is Huddle’s capability building program. We design and deliver experiential learning programs introducing the mindset, skill set and tool set of human-centred design. Our intention is to enable you to embody the principles of human-centred design—empowering you to lead human-centricity in your organisation and in your life.

Our programs support you in adopting a new way of thinking that places people at the centre of everything you do. We use the tools, frameworks and theory we teach in Huddle Academy at Huddle everyday.


Transformative experiences.

Our workshops are a unique blend of class, small groups and individual activities complemented with practical application and critical reflection to transform your work practices.

Learning through design.

We develop capability in human-centricity through design. This means we focus on developing the mindsets and knowledge sets of human centricity by using the skill sets and tool sets of design.

Empowering for people.

Our programs empower you to maximise the impact of your work and embody your full potential. They are designed with academic rigour, and translated for practical application.

Cross-industry collaboration.

We attract participants from all sectors and diverse industries. You will have the opportunity to build relationships and work with a range of people from different backgrounds.

What is human-centred design anyway?

Human-centred design helps you navigate rapidly changing environments and create experiences that resonate with people. It is an approach to purposefully and meaningfully solve challenges or create ideal futures.

It focuses on all people involved in a system and seeks to build deeper insight into their motivations and aspirations so you can create better experiences for them.

Case studies.

We have been building capability in enterprises since 2009.


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